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The Downlight that Helps You Sleep!

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Today we are showcasing a product that has recently been stocked by our supplier – the Blue light reduction LED downlight.

As we all know conventional downlights have a high blue light spectrum and as such, they can disrupt our circadian rhythm (body clock). While blue light may be helpful during the day to boost mood and attention, it is not beneficial for our bodies once the sun goes down, it can lead to trouble winding down, suppressing melatonin production and sleeping.

These blue light reduction LED Downlights reduce the blue light output by more than 50% and by emitting a true daylight colour of CRI>95, this means on a scale of 1-100 the lights rate at 97.

When installed in your home this will help you to sleep better and protect your eyes from the constant strain of blue light that we find ourselves in, through mobile phones, TV, office environments, traditional LED Lighting, the sources are endless.

Additional Features Blue Light Reduction LED Downlight:

  • Blue Light by More Than 50%
  • True Colour (CRI >95)
  • Dimmable
  • Flicker-Free
  • Energy Efficient
  • Tricolour
  • 90mm

Where would you install these Blue Light Reduction LED Downlights?:

  • Master bedroom – perfect for the master bedroom
  • Kids’ bedrooms – these are ideal in children’s bedrooms to help them wind down at night. Children are especially sensitive to blue light, having these as the light source in the room while they are getting ready for bed is only going to help aid a good night’s sleep.
  • Study – these lights are best used in areas where you spend time at night before going to bed, such as a study or a small lounge room where you go to end your day.

If you’d like to make your home the perfect haven for a good night’s sleep then get in touch with Direct Point Electrical today for a free consult or quote!