Direct Point Electrical provide switchboard installations and upgrades for commercial premises.

Whether you are looking for commercial switchboard repairs, upgrades or new switchboard installations you can be sure the Direct Point Electrical will provide you with the correct advice and expertise to complete the job to the highest standard.

If you find your commercial property is using more power than expected and may no longer be running optimally, it could be time to call us in for an inspection.

The team at Direct Point Electrical can provide Safety checks, switchboard upgrades, energy audits, and a range of services to ensure your premises is running safely and efficiently.

The majority of commercial properties are now running 3 phase power, however in some circumstances this is not always the case. If your property is an older building or if the space was used differently previously it could be a good idea to have an inspection on your electrical services.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues in your commercial property:
  • You have noticed your electrical appliances cannot be operated at the same time without an outage
  • You have noticed lights are fading intermittently or flickering
  • Your building is old and your switch board hasn’t been checked in years
  • You are worried about the age and condition of your switchboard
  • You are looking to use larger appliances and unsure of the electrical load