The Dangers of Electrical Home Hazards

It is necessary to follow electrical safety measures to keep you and your family safe. A little bit of precaution goes a long way because it can protect you from fatal injuries, damages and even death.

Being self-sufficient is a good quality to have but not at the risk of your safety. It is better to avail the services of expert electricians rather than taking matters into your own hands when it comes to electricals around the house.

Electrical risks can be reduced if you’re well informed about the probable dangers. So, our expert electricians at Direct Point Electrical have compiled a list of electrical home hazards:

Faulty Wiring:

Damaged wiring can cause electrical fires as it results in sudden power surges and minor explosions which are the two main causes behind the fires.

Old wirings should be replaced on time as not only is it dangerous but also a driving force behind your rising power bills. 

You should get the wiring system looked at by professionals in the field to ensure that there are no faults in the circuits.

Overloaded Extension Powerboards:

Powerboards are an easy way to connect all your appliances at a single spot but overloading can result in sparking, tripping or overheating. 

Old powerboards should be replaced immediately. Avoid overloading powerboards, better yet, avoid using them altogether.

Wet Electrical Outlets:

The fact that water is a good conductor is not uncommon knowledge which is why it is very important to keep your electrical appliances and outlets as dry as possible. If not, then it can result in electrical shocks.

Old Electrical Appliances:

It’s good as long as it works, right? Wrong. As harmless as they seem, old or damaged appliances can cause great damage. The cords are more prone to corrosion or overheating which might result in fires. So it’s better to replace your old appliances even if there are minimal signs of wear and tear.

Flickering Bulbs:

Flickering bulbs aren’t harmless but rather signs of underlying electrical issues such as faulty switches, loose wiring system, fluctuations or overloaded circuits.
If your light bulbs fluctuate frequently, the chances of an electrical fire are much higher.

Electrical Self Reliance:

Being self-reliable is good but only when it’s your area of expertise. Delicate matters like electrical fittings and repairs should be left in the hands of experts as they concern the safety of your home.
Our expert electricians at Direct Point are the best choice for all your electrical needs.

Wet Hands:

Electrical appliances should never, NEVER be handled with wet hands. People tend to be very careless and reach for switches and plugs right after washing their hands. Its a fatal mistake as it can cause electric shocks.

Using Water on Electrical Fires:

Pouring water on an electrical fire can fuel it further and even cause electrocution rather than extinguishing it. Always use a fire extinguisher or a thick, dry blanket in such times of emergency. If you do not have either of these at hand, cut off the electric power source, evacuate the area and call the fire brigade.

Inquisitive Children:

It is imperative to take extra care regarding power outlets in surroundings where there are toddlers or children present.
Keep appliances and sockets out of their reach to prevent serious injuries.

Heavily Covered Wirings:

Wires with heavy coverings are at a higher risk of overheating, which could lead to electrical fires. Keep the appliances and their wires far away from other items and do not place anything over them.
Leave ample space around your computers and televisions for ventilation to prevent overheating.

Broken Smoke Alarms:

Smoke alarms are a very useful and sensible investment when it comes to personal safety but only when they actually work.
They should be tested regularly to ensure that they are working at all times and should definitely be installed in all sleeping areas.
If all the necessary precautions are overlooked, the final result might not be very pretty. The hazards of electricity are fatal. These include electrical shocks, burns, injuries, fire and even explosions.
You should always opt to take help from professionals to perform a full inspection of your wiring system and appliances at regular intervals or even when installing new wiring in the house.

At Direct Point Electrical, we have a team of experts with ample experience always available to help you with all your electrical needs. Our services include Residential, Commercial and Maintenance and we believe that no job is too big or too small. Every customer of ours is equally important to us. You can get in touch with us at 1300 317 328 or send your enquiry. To read more such informational blogs, you can bookmark our blog page. It’ll help you stay vigilant when it comes to the safety of your home/ office.

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Tony Cipriani
Tony Cipriani
03:23 09 Dec 21
Direct point Electrical are Professioal and great to deal withI would recommend them always
Rachel Anderson
Rachel Anderson
00:44 25 Nov 21
I’m thrilled with the installation of ceiling fans and security cameras from DirectPoint! Professional, no mess, no... fuss, arrived on time and got the job done without damage as I’ve experienced from other trades in the past.Good fair pricing and courteous tradesmen. I will continue to use DirectPoint in more
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Brandon Vangunste
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Again fantastic work guys thanks for setting up our new fans the kids love them and the boys that came out did a... brilliant more
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john koch
22:07 27 Oct 21
Very happy with the service Direct Point Electrical offered. They gave us a time and they were there at the time they... said they would be. Ryan was very polite and knew exactly what had to be done. The job was finished with a minimum of fuss and he left our kitchen area very clean. Great to see him using Drop sheets to protect our kitchen benches from dust. Overall, very happy with the finished lights they installed and very happy with the price. I would thoroughly recommend direct point to anybody with electrical needsread more
Alicia France
Alicia France
11:05 03 Aug 21
Direct point electrical came out to do an electrical compliance/safety inspection. They arrived on time and were... friendly and professional. I’d happily recommend themread more
Anne Watts
Anne Watts
01:36 19 Mar 21
dean and his crew were terrific i had a ceiling fan installed along with power boards and had my nbn moved no more... cables and extensions cords running around every where .Will use for any future work. And all the work was up stairs not easy .Anne Wattsread more
sam bardoel
sam bardoel
02:39 23 Nov 20
DO NOT USE DIRECT POINT ELECTRICAL PTY LTD!!!!! Witnessed these flogs driving the Direct Point Electrical van throwing... rubbish out of their passenger side window while driving. Absolute disgrace. If they can’t do the simple task of putting rubbish into a bin who knows what other shortcuts this company are taking? USE AT OWN RISK!read more
Shaddy Sadaka
Shaddy Sadaka
09:59 27 Sep 20
Great service, same day callout. Got the job done and even cleaned up after himself. Would highly recommend Dean.
Kate Hyland
Kate Hyland
04:47 24 Jul 20
Dean and his boys did a fantastic job at my house. They arrived on time and well presented in uniform and worked... quickly and efficiently. All of the work was completed professionally and they left a clean workspace behind them. Also very reasonably priced for the quality work they produced. I will definitely be calling Direct Point for all of my electrical needs, and highly recommend them to others!!read more
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